Power That Moves You

Revo is about way more than just a car. It’s about you and your power move. It’s about unleashing your freedom and command. It’s about challenging and recharging yourself. It’s about your determination to make the move that you have always wanted to.


A combination of flowing lines and eye-catching sharp angles make the Hilux Revo the center of attention, everywhere you go.


Power Of Cruising

Considering the need for modern accessibility and comfort while driving, Revo Rocco has been designed to give you the best. Designed for comfort and maximum accessibility with intelligently designed spaces, Revo Rocco’s interior is an experience of its own


Power On Demand

Experience extreme power with the New Generation 1GD engine with higher Torque and Power output, upgraded Suspension System and enhanced Power Steering


Power Reigns Here

Enhancing its off-road character, the new Revo is meticulously crafted with a best-in-class exterior design, perfectly complementing its rugged capabilities and adventurous spirit.

View in 3D

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The following is just for demo purposes and to give an overview. It might not exactly match with the Toyota Cars sold in Pakistan

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